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Franz Xaver Messerschmidt




Tetsuya Ishida

via Pinktentacle – site Tetsuya Ishida

Ron van der Ende

This artwork  is truly beautifully crafted! To construct objects in a bas-relief marquetry patchwork with found wood is really a painstaking technique but the result is wonderful. The beauty of the building process and the well chosen imagery depicted in perspective are stunning for their make believe 3d quality. The craft-work quality permeates the whole oeuvre, which you can check in the artist site . If you’re interested in learning more about the artist, here’s an interview.

Andrea Perez-Hita :::: Pedro and Simon

To take pictures of our kids is always a pleasure, doesn’t matter if a photo doesn’t look good, they are our loved ones anyway. But to take pictures of our kids that transcend to a higher level achieving a status of artwork, this is really something. Is what my dear cousin, Andrea, does. Check it out: Pedro & Simon and her awesome blog.

Sun Yuan and Peng Yu

Saatchi Gallery via Acidolatte

Gilles Barbier

Mais trabalhos no documentsdartistes, googlando e galeria vallois

Fernando Vicente – Vanitas


Uma overdose de talento, virtuosismo escancarado, no indecente  site de Fernando Vicente

Via streetanatomy

Pepe Casals – Ilustrador freelancer

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